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Life is Good in the Greenhouse

March 7,2022: Today is the day! The greenhouse is officially back in business.

A time to plant...

Nothing feels more like spring then working your hands through fresh soil. Today it felt like spring! I always enjoy my time in the greenhouse; it is such and addicting hobby! It is too early to plant most vegetable seeds but a perfect time to start a variety of flowers such as petunias, chalibrachoas, alyssum, ageratum, bacopa, gazanias, geranium, and more. Starting a few seeds quickly became 48 varieties of flowers and that is just a small portion of what will be started over the next three weeks!

The seeds I plant first are special seeds. They can be difficult to germinate, they are expensive, they require patience and dedication. They are usually slow to grow in the first stages of germination, moisture control is critical, changes in temperature and light conditions can determine is they will make it to the point of growing their first sets of "true" leaves. It is a challenge, but a challenge that I look forward to every year at this time!

In ten weeks the greenhouse will be exploding with flower blossoms, vegetables starters, hanging baskets, and so much more. There will be bees busy with pollinating, a few early butterflies may be flying around as well as the little hummingbirds who visit the greenhouse on a regular basis. If you are in the area we would love for you to plan on stopping by for a visit!

A growing tip: If you are trying to germinate flower seeds make sure you check if there are light requirements for the seeds you are planting. Many varieties of flower seed require light to germinate. In other words, if light is required to germinate, you do not want to cover the seeds with soil but rather place them on top of the soil. A few common varieties that require light are alyssum, coleus, lobelia, petunias, and snapdragon. Happy planting!

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