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Birth Announcement: On April 12 Lucy gave birth to a healthy colt named Jackson.

Hanging out with the Herd

Meet some our friendly farm faces...



Farm Manager:

Monty makes his friendly presence known everywhere on the farm, he is easy to spot with his ever wagging tail.


Riding Instructor:

Jenni Haynes (Pictured with Manning): Horse Riding Instructor at the Crazy H Farm.

If you are looking for a friendly farm to improve your riding skills please consider us!



Barn Management:

Life is always more interesting outside your pen and that is what keeps Pearl hopping in and out of hers.  She is the farm busy body and keeps a close eye on barn management tasks such as feeding schedules, guest arrivals, and equal treat distribution for all.



Boarding Openings:

Timber is one of our resident boarding horses.  We offer full care in our boarding package along with 24 hour access to quality hay, water, and turnout.  With a training pen and a network of trails right off the farm property the Crazy H Farm is a great location  for anyone searching for a quiet, family friendly environment.

Current Rates: $400/month

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